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A new generation of Cambodian artists has emerged in the wake of a turbulent political history that has irrevocably changed the social and cultural landscape of Cambodia. They are committed to a genre of contemporary art that is unique in Cambodia and that plays a significant role in shifting boundaries, overcoming the traumatic legacy of the past, and redefining national identity.

The local contemporary art scene is said to have emerged in 2005, when 25 artists initiated the first Cambodian Open Space, a project that shifted the artistic focus from landscapes and portraits to landscape and portraits. This was seen as an exhibition space for artists during their studies at the PPS, which could nurture the local art scene and be a catalyst for the development of a new generation of artists in the country's art scene.

French artist and teacher Veronique Decrop was in the camp when she dared to sow the seeds of a thriving contemporary Cambodian art scene, which would infuriate Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge leader. Vann Nath survived to paint a portrait of Pol Pot and later capture the scene at S-21 on a horrifying canvas.

Srey Bandol learned to paint and taught under the glittering lights of his teacher Veronique Decrop. Dany, who studied at the National Academy of Arts in Phnom Penh for four years before graduating in 2007 and studied for three years with her father's S-21 teacher.

Similarly, the Khmer Kids Art Gallery, in collaboration with local and international NGOs, offers free art education to Cambodian children. The work of the children travelling through Cambodia on the "Khmer Magic Music Bus" continues with the aim of restoring the cultural heritage of Cambodia and its people in the form of art and music. They also participate in community events and salsa classes and are actively involved in Cambodia's arts.

The main attraction in Siem Reap is (and remains) Angkor Wat and the neighbouring temples , the art scene explores itself and trembles for itself. He added: "Some galleries offer interesting artworks, but they are not the only ones in town.

Battambang has always been known as one of the most important cultural and cultural centers of Cambodia and its origins. The group's exhibition includes works by artists from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. These include "Looking back at the Future," a collection of works from the group exhibition "The Battle of Battambangs," which includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, posters and other works.

In its latest edition, Lotus Gallery is exclusively showing works by Cambodian expat artists from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Lotus Bar and Gallery has a large collection of works by Battambang - Cambodians and expat artists.

This small gallery, founded by Battambang artists Mao Chhay and Phnom Penh's own artist, is intended to provide a space for the city's art scene to flourish. This small gallery, founded by the Cambodian artists Mao Chheung and Prak Chan - oo, is intended to provide a space for a city - a broad art community and a place for their art scenes to flourish.

Make Maek Gallery, owned and directed by the well-known Khmer artists Mao Chheung and Prak Chan-oo, is exhibiting in Battambang, Cambodia's capital.

Tep Kao Sol is just one of dozens of shops and galleries in the city that sell framed and unframed prints and postcards with the names of artists such as Mao Chheung and Prak Chan. -oo. Visit artist and curator Mao Zedong, who runs Make Maek, and a newly opened collective space called Studio Art Battambang. Phare, a fine arts graduate, has now opened his own contemporary art gallery, studio and workshop. Colour in Cambodia, which offers free art education to young people in rural areas of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

In Battambang there are two important artists who survived the Khmer Rouge regime and who hold the key to the Batt Ambang art scene. Discovered and protected by an NGO that led them on the path to the visual arts, both artists now convey the struggle and resilience of the Khmer people through contemporary art. Where are these artists and where do they come from? She was incredibly friendly to people and was kind enough to chat to me about her work and life in the city.

If you are planning a tour of Cambodia, you should know that the incredible ancient sites of Siem Reap are not the only city worth visiting.

Battambang has some of the best restaurants and cafes in the country and its history, culture and art scene is on par. There is no better known neighbor of Siem Reap and Siem Reap than Battambangs, known for its history and art.

More About Battambang

More About Battambang