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There are many reasons to visit Battambang, a fascinating area in northwest Cambodia that is often overlooked by those who head for the beach destinations preferred by the backpacker crowd. For many people, the main reason you visit it is the river, but for many others it is a great place for hiking, camping, fishing or even just for a day trip.

Battambang is worth more than a detour to Cambodia, where you will find local cafes and extraordinary attractions, but there is much to discover here. American barbecue with a menu that combines it with farm - to - plate goodness, it is easy to let the day slide into the night, surrounded by everything you need to keep the party going. Returning to the resort in Battambangs, surrounded by lush jungle, is a delightful experience in itself.

Even if you don't stay here, you'll get happy hour, and Phary offers snacks and food tours to sample Cambodian street food on a bike or in a tuk-tuka (highly recommended). The best thing about Battambang is that you can get taxis, minivans or buses so you can enjoy yourself in Chanthaburi or Koh Samui. You can also stay in one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Khao San Road Hotel and the Koh Samoo Hotel.

The vaccine should be considered if you are visiting rural areas of Cambodia and want to spend a lot of time there, such as the Khao San Road area of Battambang. You can also take a boat (7 hours drive) to the floating village of Phnom Penh, one of the most scenic ways to get into and out of the city.

For more information on how to get to Battambang and avoid it while you are there, see our article on activities in Batt Ambang. Browse our list of the best accommodation in and around BattAmbang or add our Siem Reap recommendations to your search. We asked our team in the hotels of Battambaang City when a good day and time would be for a visit and we asked them.

The drive to Siem Reap takes 3 hours, Battambang to Pailin one hour, Poipet - Pailsin to Phnom Penh about 2 hours and the return journey from Cambodia to Battambaang 1.5 hours. If you are going to Phnom Penh, give yourself at least 3 days, as Siem and Pilin are about 3 hours away and Poipset and Banteay Pilein are about 2 hours apart.

Ban Laem Daung Border has a bus stop in Battambaang, about 1.5 hours from Siem Reap, but you must be ready to leave the bus at the same time as the nearest bus from Battambang to Phnom Penh (about 2 hours).

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable boutique accommodation in Battambang, I would highly recommend Bambu, it is a very popular choice. The city is relatively small, although there are a number of good accommodations, and staying in the city center is especially convenient for restaurants and so on. If you are here only for the food and the nearby ancient temples, then you have something in mind, but if you do not plan to spend a lot of time in a hotel Then I would recommend not to plan. However, if your budget excludes the choice of a location outside Battambaang, Then look for cheap hotels to try, such as Hotel Daung Phnom Penh or Hotel Ban Laem.

Pat can arrange all sorts of trips to Battambang, so I recommend you stay and tell him what you can recommend. The concierge at Secret Retreat will help you choose the best hotels in Battambaang Cambodia and make sure you don't miss out on the unique, fascinating and fun experiences that await visitors to Battambaang.

The city also acts as a good central, clean, budget hotel, which I would recommend if you are on an extended trip to Southeast Asia and your resources are tight. Located in the main town, it offers great views of the city and a nice, comfortable bed and breakfast experience. My pick for the best place in Battambang is a centrally located colonial villa that certainly won't break the bank. Staying here is more than an average bed - and breakfast - and they are all similarly expensive.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of authentic Cambodian dishes that you won't find on many menus. If you are in town, the restaurant is located in the same building as the hotel, so you can easily reach it when you are in town.

If you want to escape from everyday life, there are family bungalows and even a small family bungalow with well-equipped rooms for those with children.

Banan Hotel offers charming accommodation and a walk through the central market with excellent views of the city and its famous temples and temples.

More About Battambang

More About Battambang