Battambang Cambodia Hilton Garden Inn

CHENGDU, China - Hilton has announced the opening of the Battambang Cambodia Hilton Garden Inn (BATTAMBANG CAMBODIA) in Battamang, Cambodia. Located in a nationally recognized economic and technological development zone, the hotel offers a luxurious hotel experience from the largest hotel chain in the world and the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The Battambang Cambodia Hilton Garden Inn and surroundings is the first hotel of its kind in Cambodia and one of the world's.

Starting with the timeless stylish guest rooms, they offer spectacular views of nature through floor-to-ceiling windows. Guests can use a 24-hour fitness center with gym, gym, pool, gym and exercise equipment. The large ballroom also features floor-to-ceiling P4LED screens and has meeting and ballrooms. LED - equipped and printed remote controls, as well as a private dining room with open fireplace and private balcony.

The original business is reflected in the large open-air gardens, with merchant ships heavily laden with agricultural produce for customers, and a large outdoor garden.

From Yen Minh, it takes about 2-3 hours to explore the beautiful valleys of the Dzay and visit the village of Pac Ngoi, which is located on the shore and hidden in lush vegetation at the foot of limestone cliffs. Visit Phnom Oudong, the ancient capital with its ancient city walls and temples, and the ruins of the 16th century settlement that settled in Phnom Penh.

Giang is one of the best destinations in Vietnam that has time - shaped limestone mountains, beautiful waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Just 1 km from the hotel, Wolong Valley offers guests beautiful views of Ba Be Lake and its surroundings. From Ba be, you will reach the most beautiful lake in northeastern Vietnam, which is located at the foot of a limestone mountain, about 1,000 meters above sea level.

In the morning, visit the restored temples of ancient Ho Chi Minh City and listen to the history of these temples. In the morning, visit the historic temple of Xuan Phong, the oldest temple in the city, and visit its beautiful gardens and gardens.

Then visit the old house of MARGUERITE DURAS, where it is the setting for the famous film L'Amant, the novel of the same name, which has been translated into over 40 languages. Visit some of the famous colonial sites in Sa Phin and visit the school where Donaeus "mother Marguerite Duras taught.

Visit the Bac Ha market, where locals meet on Sundays, and shop for local produce. The railway line is located at the end of a winding path on the outskirts of Sa Phin, a few kilometers from the city center.

Visit the colourful and typical market of Dong Van to see local markets such as the Phnom Penh market and the Dong Van market. The locals, farmers, traders, vendors and traders from all over the country come together to sell horses, pigs, rice, spirits, fruits, etc.

Hilton's renowned planning team will be available to help you plan your event to your liking and ensure that the event is a success. Plans for the construction of an integrated business district around the hotel are already in place.

There are also many opportunities to stop off for a day trip to one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations. Hike off the beaten track and drive through the jungle to discover the breathtaking views of Phnom Penh National Park and the beautiful Phuket River. We continue to Tra Su, a refuge for wild birds, where storks, cranes and other tropical birds can be observed. Stop en route and hike or cruise around Thammasat Island, Thailand's largest island, and discover the amazing wildlife of Khao San Road, home to the largest bird sanctuary in the world.

More About Battambang

More About Battambang