Battambang Cambodia Westin Hotel

For many people, the main reason to visit Battambang is the river, but the best place to stay is the transformation of the colonial architecture that makes the city so unique. There is a wide selection of rooms, from tiled floors to wooden beds, and even a hotel with a private pool.

Battambang is also known for being home to one of Cambodia's most famous circuses, Phare Ponleu Selpak, and is the most famous circus in the world. You can see many elephants, lions, tigers, horses, elephants and other animals, but it is probably the stick - the old Khmer King, which is found on the main road to Phnom Penh.

There is Wat Banan, which is something like a mini-Ankor Wat, and Wat Kachin, the place of the Khmer King's killing. This limestone rock is also known for its rock face and the hundreds of thousands of bats that stream out of it in the evening.

The central market is housed in an amazing Art Deco building and Psar Nat is located on the banks of the river with beautiful examples of French colonial architecture. Battamban's heritage as a colonial city can also be seen on the outskirts of the city, if you forget your feet and walk.

More About Battambang

More About Battambang